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Jacob and Joshua are twin 4th graders at McGuffey Elementary School. They are matched with two Denison students. Jacob has been matched with Big Brother Jorge for two years, and Josh has been matched with Big Brother Sam for 2 ½ years. The twins have moved a lot. They were first at McGuffey and then moved to Ben Franklin where these matches began. Over the summer the family moved back to the McGuffey district. Fortunately both Bigs were able to change their schedules so that they could follow the boys to McGuffey.

The Littles come from a family of 8 children so neither gets much one-on-one attention at home. Jorge and Sam provide that extra attention that both boys need. Josh and Jacob both have had behavior and academic problems in the past, but are now on a better path toward good behavior and better grades. They are also more confident and secure in their individual personalities, thanks to their Bigs.

Josh says that his Big Brother Sam is funny and makes him laugh even when he is in a bad mood. Sam also makes him do his work, and he is glad to have extra help with his math facts. But then Sam brings him McDonald’s as a reward. Sam has noted that being with Josh can be very “interesting” especially when they have to spend their lunch period in the office waiting for Josh’s mom to bring him new clothes because he ripped his pants horsing around.

Jorge describes his relationship with Jacob as “spontaneous and genuine.” He said, “One day Jacob and I felt like dancing after he asked and asked if I could play a song on my phone. So I did. He immediately began to dance to the song. Since we were in a big room by ourselves, I tried to dance to the song. However, I was not as good as Jacob even though he kept motivating me to find the rhythm. This is when I played the Cha Cha slide, so that we could both dance. We ended up having a great time. Our relationship is one based on energy and motivation to enjoy each other’s company.

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