So many ways to get started

Looking to get involved? Whether you’re interested in enrolling your child, donating, or stepping up as a Big, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Licking and Perry Counties offers several ways to become a part of what we do.

Changing Lives for the Better, Forever

Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks to change the lives of children facing adversity for the better, forever. We operate in communities across Licking and Perry Counties. Our mentors work with children in the community and in their schools.

Our unique brand of one-to-one mentoring has a Big impact across our communities (and nation!).

What do we achieve?

Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children achieve success in school, helps them avoid risky behaviors such as getting into fights and trying drugs and alcohol, and helps them improve their self-confidence. We hold ourselves accountable to our supporters by regularly measuring our impact.

Whom do we serve?

Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks to change the lives of children facing adversity between 6 and 18 years of age. Our network of volunteers, donors and supporters comes from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

What do we do?

Our unique brand of one-to-one mentoring, in which a child facing adversity is carefully matched with a caring adult mentor in a relationship supported by professional Big Brothers Big Sisters staff members, changes lives for the better forever.

Meet our August Match of the Month!

Big Brother Travis and Little Brother Johnny have been matched since March of 2019. They are a Community-Based match in Perry County. Johnny and Travis immediately “clicked” at their introductory meeting. Since then, they have enjoyed going out to eat, bike riding, going to comic book stores, playing Minecraft, and so much more! Little Brother Johnny said, “We have a lot of fun together!”

When asking Travis what his favorite thing about Johnny was he said, “His cheerful, friendly nature. He is polite, thoughtful and always willing to jump into any of the adventures that we plan!” One of Travis’s favorite outings with Johnny was going on a bike ride and getting caught in a downpour. They had only ridden about 2 miles before it started to rain. They both decided that since it was a hot day, they were going to keep going. They ended riding over 11 miles, and they had so much fun! Travis said that he likes being a Big Brother for, “having the ability to be a constant positive presence in someone’s life. Good friends who give good advice and listen closely to the things going on in your life are hard to find. Being a Big helps provide that for the Littles that we mentor. As a bonus, you get to have fun adventures along the way!”