So many ways to get started

Looking to get involved? Whether you’re interested in enrolling your child, donating, or stepping up as a Big, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Licking and Perry Counties offers several ways to become a part of what we do.

Changing Lives for the Better, Forever

Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks to change the lives of children facing adversity for the better, forever. We operate in communities across Licking and Perry Counties. Our mentors work with children in the community and in their schools.

Our unique brand of one-to-one mentoring has a Big impact across our communities (and nation!).

What do we achieve?

Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children achieve success in school, helps them avoid risky behaviors such as getting into fights and trying drugs and alcohol, and helps them improve their self-confidence. We hold ourselves accountable to our supporters by regularly measuring our impact.

Whom do we serve?

Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks to change the lives of children facing adversity between 6 and 18 years of age. Our network of volunteers, donors and supporters comes from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

What do we do?

Our unique brand of one-to-one mentoring, in which a child facing adversity is carefully matched with a caring adult mentor in a relationship supported by professional Big Brothers Big Sisters staff members, changes lives for the better forever.

Meet our September Match of the Month!

Big Brother, Manus and Little Brother, Jordan have been matched in our Community Based Program since September of 2018. They are a wonderful fun-loving match! Jordan loves playing basketball and video games, but also likes going to museums and cooking with his Big Brothers. Jordan likes that his Big Brother is very funny and smart and he really likes spending time with him. Jordan said he likes having a Big Brother because, “I have four older sisters that wanted nothing to do with me, but Manus loves spending time with me and we have lots of fun together.”

Big Brother, Manus’s favorite memory with his Little Brother is when they visited the Ohio History Center last winter and watching his reactions to the exhibits-especially the modeled 1950’s home-was both funny and memorable. He also ranks their Air Hockey competitions at the arcade high on the favorite memories list. What Manus likes most about being a Big Brother is, Growth. He said it is rewarding to see Jordan learn and try new things. Being a Big also helps him see the world from a different perspective. Manus said his favorite thing about his Little Brother is “Jordan is very thoughtful and appreciative. He is also a bit of a jokester, which keeps me on my toes but can be a lot of fun.”

Jordan’s mom, Crystal weighed in on the match saying, “In the past year Manus has been amazing with Jordan. They challenge each other which is awesome. Manus never makes the decision to do something on his own, him and Jordan decide together. During the school year when Manus picks up Jordan the first thing he says is, ‘Does Jordan have any homework to do?’ If he does Manus helps him with it! Jordan is a challenging kid, but with Manus not so much. Over the past year I have watched Jordan and Manus’s relationship grow into an amazing and special bond! Allen and I love the fact that Jordan has another male role model in his life! Manus has become a part of our family!”