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 Our Success Stories

 Big Sister Hannah & Little Sister Zoey (School Based)

Hannah, "Big," and Zoey, "Little," were matched in the fall of 2013. Zoey's family moved to another district and Hannah followed so that they could continue in the Lunch Buddies program. These two have developed a great friendship. They enjoy talking, making crafts and playing games together. Hannah has given Zoey skills to help her make good choices and supports her 100%. Zoey's teacher said that he sees a cooperative child who is improving academically as well. These two thoroughly enjoy each other's company!

 Big Sister Ashley & Little Sister Victoria (School Based)

Little Sister Victoria and Big Sister Ashley have been matched in the Ben Franklin Lunch Buddy program since October 2012. Ashley came to us from Denison University as a freshman. Being new to the area, she was looking for a way to volunteer, because that is something she really likes to do. Victoria was a very quiet and shy first grader that wanted a friend. That is definitely what she got with Ashley. They talk about everything and really enjoy anything craft related. As a match, they also enjoy as much time outside as they can. Victoria says that Ashley has taught her to be a kinder person and she is really going to miss her when she leaves. Wow, what a difference these four years with Ashley have made in Victoria. This connection will last a lifetime for both of them!

 Big Sister Cheyanne & Little Sister Robie (Community Based)

Robie and Cheyanne were matched as Lunch Buddies at Carson Elementary for a year and a half and then transferred their match to our community-based program in May of 2015. Cheyanne is a Denison Student and was staying on campus for the summer, so it seemed like a great opportunity for them to see each other a lot over the summer months.... And they really did! So far, they have gone hiking around the Denison Bio Reserve, been to the beach at Lake Hudson in Granville, gone to the public library to read and talk about books, been to an orchard to pick apples, and even made an amazing scrap book to keep a record of all the fun things they've been doing! Both Robie and Cheyanne are very serious about their studies and give each other a lot of inspiration. We are looking forward to seeing what they get up to this winter!

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Big Sister Darah & Little Sister Camryn (Community Based)

Little Sister Camryn and Big Sister Darah have been matched since June 2015 in our community-based program. Camryn and Darah have done a variety of activities together, such as going to Chuck E. Cheese, going to the Columbus Zoo, trick or treating, roller skating, and attending a Newark Football game. Darah started off the match with involving Camryn in a soccer camp. Darah has also helped Camryn join a basketball team at the YMCA. Darah is supportive of Camryn's education and her activities. Darah was there to support Camryn when she performed in a play at The Midland Theater and attended her soccer and basketball games.

Darah includes Camryn in her family's activities, such as cookouts, birthdays, and swim parties. Camryn's mom likes how she "fits right in" with Darah's family. Camryn's mom also said that this match has given Camryn a new friend. Darah said that the best part of being a Big Sister is to "just be there for Camryn, to see her smile, and it is so rewarding."

Big Brother Jake & Little Brother Ray (School Based)

Ray (Little) and Jake (Big) are in their third year together as Lunch Buddies. They started when Ray was in the 4th Grade at Ben Franklin Elementary and when Ray entered Middle School at Heritage, Jake was able to follow him even with his hectic schedule at Denison. They have the best time together talking, playing games and going to the gym. Jake has been helping Ray with his goals of keeping his good grades, improving his fitness and "learning it all!" They even made an Aspirations Poster together and presented it to all the other 6th Gr. matches at Heritage.
Seeing Ray's face light up whenever Jake comes to see him is the best thing in the world!

Big Brother Steve & Little Brother Trevor (School Based)

Big Brother Steve and Little Brother Trevor have been matched for two years. They enjoy reading Minecraft books, historical trivia and doing classwork together. Last week they worked on writing Haiku poems for class. Then Trevor wrote a haiku for BBBS:

Helps kids do their work,
Always willing to help kids
Helps kids all year round.

Steve likes working with Trevor and learning new things from him. Trevor likes to teach Steve about Common Core math and Minecraft building. They like to study history together. They are a great match. They are both helpful people. Trevor enjoys school and is doing very well.

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